Moving Forward

I was a little hesitant to create my first blog post on this website, but I realized after a LONG time of only contemplating that I would have to start somewhere. And this is where I’ll begin.

I’m so grateful you’re here, and I hope I can provide something of value to you today.

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Currently, I’m in a new chapter in my life, both professionally and personally.

Personally, I worked very hard the last few years to break out of a negative, self-limiting mindset, moving forward to live with an ever more positive, action-oriented one. I sometimes slip back into my self-sabotaging ways, but daily meditation enables me to quickly catch myself and get back on track. I’ll share this personal journey now and then so you can get an inside look into how I manage my emotions, expectations, and psychology.

One of the reasons I struggled emotionally the last few years was I had been transitioning into a new career. Well, it wasn’t exactly new to me, but it felt that way because I started focusing my attention and energy on a new professional direction.

I had dedicated most of my twenties and early thirties to a meditation program that changed my life and how I viewed the world. To make a long story short, becoming a meditation instructor in this particular program fulfilled my biggest goal of helping people live happy lives and finding a way to live an altruistic, selfless life. But in my ninth or tenth year of being an instructor, I found I wanted to do more things in my life. The problem was I felt guilty leaving a job I had so strongly believed would be the ultimate, perfect, one-and-only way to fulfill my life’s purpose. The emotional journey of letting that go and changing course can be a story for another day.

Once I decided to stop being a meditation instructor, I turned to what I thought was my most monetizable and valuable skill at the time: translation and interpretation. I had been only volunteering these skills to the meditation organization until then, with occasional paid side gigs here and there. But I decided to dive deeper into the industry a few years ago. Since then, I’ve worked on many projects with several companies and agencies as I began to establish a name for myself in the translation and interpreting industry.

moving forward truejisu jisu kim zuri kim

Would I define myself entirely as a translator or interpreter? I’m not sure yet. I do offer language services, including transcreation, subtitling, interpreting, and translation. And I’m also interested in language access, global or cross-cultural communication, marketing, and copywriting. So I look forward to how my journey will pan out and where I will end up niching down.

I also got admitted into the Middlebury Institute for International Studies (MIIS) for their Joint Master’s Degree in Conference Interpretation (CI) and Translation and Localization Management (TLM), which I will start this fall. So be sure to join my journey through my grad school as well.

moving forward truejisu jisu kim zuri kim

This website and blog will serve as a way to share what I learn professionally and personally as I navigate this life change. Considering my current professional interests, I might write a lot about communicating across cultures and languages, what it’s like being a language services professional, and language access for now. But that may end up changing as I develop and grow.

If you’re thinking about changing something in your life, I hope my journey will inspire you to take a step toward a different life. And if you’re curious about anything regarding moving forward in your life, please let me know in a comment or email.

Let’s pursue lives we love, lives of happiness, health, and joy, and lives we’re proud of living together!


  1. Hey Jisu, great to see the start of your journey 🙂

    Looking forward to more, and I definitely look forward to hearing more about your experiences as a helper and your transition

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