Jisu Kim

Korean English Translator & interpreter

Jisu Kim

Bridging Cultures for Positive Change

Global Communication

Language matters. Being able to clearly and effectively express yourself in multiple languages reduces misunderstandings, facilitates connections with people from different cultures, and expands social networks.

Cultural Awareness

I help foster understanding by providing translations that are mindful of the target culture and bridge the gap, whether it be between Korean and English, between adults and children, or simply from one person to another.

Accurate Translations

Rest assured that subtle nuances, details, and difficult idioms will not get overlooked or lost in translation. My goal is to provide as close to an identical experience as possible between the source and target languages.


Hi, I’m Jisu

A translator with a purpose, on a mission to help people expand their reach beyond just their home country and mother tongue. You deserve to be heard, and your audience wants your voice. I’ll help you deliver your content to the people who can’t wait to hear from you.